Sultan Board Game

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Riquezas do Sultão

Sultan Board Game is a game played in rounds where each player try to buy a gem using a card, which is not known by other players. The gem is given to the player with the highest card. The gems have distinct values. The winner is the player who has sum more points.

Sultan Board Game is a dynamic and intelligent game that is played in quick matches. Created by brazilians Sergio Halaban and André Zatz, it was released as a board game by Estrela in August, 2007. Each player is a sultan's son, trying to get the sultan's trust and becoming his first successor. To prove his value, each player must administrate golden coins (cards) that were given to him in the better possible way. The electronic version, implemented for Ginga middleware in digital TV, is for one player. He or she plays with remote control facing four virtual opponents.

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