Proview Advertisements I

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Proview Advertisements I

"Proview Advertisements I" is the first advertisement series created by Proview Produções to illustrate their vision about the interactive space that advertisers and companies can explore with Ginga-NCL.

The first advertisement, "Uni IBMR", does not provide interactive content. It is included in this series to demonstrate how interactive advertisements may coexist with non-interactive ones in the same advertisement sequence.

The second advertisement, "Mediterrâneo", combines the video about a new real estate with interactive content that allow the user to browse information about financing conditions, available units and real estate location. The interactive content can be launched by pressing the INFO button (F6 in Ginga-NCL tools). Note that if the user continues to browse the information about "Mediterrâneo", the third advertisement will not present its interactive options.

The third advertisement, "Outback - Primeira vez", allows the user to check which Outback store is the nearest of his/her home or current location. The location information (Zip code) is firstly acquired from the user profile (global variables in NCL settings node). If no answer is obtained from Google website, the user is called to manually enter his/her Zip Code. In order to work properly, the application shall be presented in a machine with Internet access.

Glauco Kuhnert
Proview Produções

José Rubens Hirsch
Proview Produções

Outback - Primeira Vez
Glauco Kuhnert
Proview Produções

Interactive application
Marcio Padilha
Proview Produções
Bruno Lima e Guilherme Lima
Laboratório TeleMidia - PUC-Rio

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