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"Roteiro do Dia" is an interactive non-linear show that explores the main features of synchronism and interactivity provided by Ginga-NCL. The program is fully developed in NCL and takes advantage, among others things, of contexts (structuring the application), rules and alternative nodes.

On "Roteiro do Dia", the viewer is called to make your own narrative line from the history. Since the begining, the viewer is able to choose what are the next rides, in a city tour. In this show, Rio de Janeiro was the chosen city. The sights are: a Central do Brasil, Copacabana, Jardim Botânico and Gafieira Estudantina.

The script was thought making a simulation of real TV show. The viewer also is able to not interact, when he is redirect to a default tour. The viewer can say this in the begining of the show, or just don't choosing none of the rides.

Script and Video editing
Alan Angeluci
Grupo de Pesquisa de Conteúdos Digitais e Convergências Tecnológicas - Intercom

Carla Pazin

Interactive application
Roberto Azevedo
Laboratório Telemídia - PUC-Rio

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